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The USSRC site is dedicated to guide, effectively communicate to, inform and update referees of all levels within the state. It is designed to provide a common point of reference to the vast collection of resources available to soccer referees. The resources are focused on supporting the common goals of professionalism, training, growth and service to the game.

Hand Shake Policy

In an effort to help eliminate issues concerning referee abuse, coaches and players being sent off after a match is concluded and to improve sportsmanship overall, the following procedure has been approve and is to be followed in all UYSA matches, effectively immediately.

1-After the coin toss and before taking the field, the officials and players (subs can be included) will line up on the field. The referee will notify the home team captain to lead his team down the line and shake the official's and opponent's hands. Once this is done the visiting team captain will lead his team down the line to shake the official's hands. Starters will then take their positions on the field for the opening whistle. This can take place at the half-line with teams on the same side of the field or in the center of the field if teams are on opposite sides.

2-At the end of the game the officials will move off the field and conduct a brief post-game review. Teams may then participate in any post-game demonstration of sportsmanship they wish such as lines of teams shaking hands, individual show of sportsmanship, etc. Game officials WILL NOT participate in these activities and may only observe from a distance. Only those players and coaches wishing to show good sportsmanship to the officials should approach them following the game

3- The authority, responsibilities and duties of the referees will still be in effect until the referee has left the field area and any post-game misconduct should be dealt with per Laws of the Game. Also, should the situation warrant, referees are encouraged to vacate the area to avoid confrontation with coaches, players or spectators who insist on confronting referees in an abusive manner.


Game reports are due to be entered in Affinity within 24 hours of the game. If you need help logging in to Affinity please call us at 801.307.5150.

If for any reason, you are unable to post a game report after you have successfully logged on, email your report to hgundred@utahyouthsoccer.net. This should only be the exception and not your normal mode of reporting.

When entering cautions, red cards, or ejections - please make sure you are choosing the correct type of red card. A Violent Red Card will now result in a 2 game suspension for the player - all other red cards will result in a 1 game suspension.

When a coach is ejected you must choose the option EJECTION - Coach. A coach who is ejected for any reason will now be suspended for 2 games (new policy) - if you choose a different ejection option the coach will only be taken off the roster for one game. (which is incorrect) Again, all other ejection options are for players - make sure you choose EJECTION - Coach for any coach ejections.

Remember, we have a strict No Picture No Play rule. Do not allow a player to play if his picture is not on the roster (even if his name appears on the roster). Same rule applies to coaches, no picture means the coach cannot be in the technical area.

We have a new procedure to regulate what to do if the away team complains that the field requirements do not conform to UYSA policy. (The field policy is below.) In summary, if there are no nets, corner flags or if the coach is unhappy with the size of the field or goals or the lines on the field, either the home team will fix the issue or the visiting coach will decide whether to play or not. (Note: He/she does not have to play). If the coach decides to go home, report the game as "Abandoned" and collect half game fee from the home team coach. If the visiting coach decides to play, have both coaches sign the game day roster (in the signature area in top right hand corner), play the game and then note the field concern in your referee report - You must note the concern in your report. UYSA will then have a representative look in to the claim and handle what to do next on their end.

      4. Field Requirements

a. By the scheduled match time, the field should be appropriately marked per the laws of the match and meet the size requirements of these policies. The visiting Team may waive this requirement and consent to play the game as is.
b. Failure to have nets and corner flags in place prior to fifteen (15) minutes after the starting time of the match will result in a forfeit to the home team. The visiting Team may waive this requirement and consent to play the game as is.
c. In the event that a visiting team arrives at a field where the field requirements are not met, a visiting team official must request that the referee note the visiting team's opposition to playing on the field PRIOR to the start of the game. Both coaches will sign the gameday roster in the signature box to verify that the complaint was made aware to both parties. The game will be played.
d. At the conclusion of the game, the referee will report the visiting team's complaint on the referee report. A visiting team official is responsible for reporting the non-compliant field to the state office via phone call or email within 24 hours of the kick-off stated in SOMS.
e. Once collaborated with the referee report, a third party will review the complaint &/or field for compliance. If the field is found to be noncompliant, the game will be replayed at the visiting team's field of choice within 14 days of the original game or prior to the end of the season, whichever comes first.

Game Day Roster Rule
Each coach is only required to bring 1 gameday roster to each game. There is one exception to this rule, however - if a team makes a change to their roster within 24 hours of kickoff they are required to bring 2 copies of the gameday roster to the game (1 for the ref and 1 for the other coach). Gameday rosters are available to print 24 hours before kickoff. If a coach adds a player and does not bring 2 copies of the roster, the player(s) that is added will not be allowed to participate in that game.

A Game Day Roster is required by both teams at check in before each game. If a roster is not provided by both teams the game will not be played and will result in a forfeit against the team that did not bring their roster. A team who does not provide a roster cannot use the opposing team's roster to try and get the game played.

Referee Fees
If a team shows up to a game and the opposing team does not show, the team will pay their half of the referee fees to referees.

If the full referee fees are paid before a game, and one or more referees do not show up, the referees remaining will return the appropriate amount of fees to the teams.

Goal Safety
All Goals must be anchored before the game starts. If the goals are not anchored and secured the game will be abandoned. The referee will determine if the goals are anchored and secured before the match. The home team is responsible for making sure all goals anchored.

Jersey and Sock Color
Home teams are supposed to wear Dark jerseys and visiting teams wear Light. Teams must wear a jersey and sock color that distinguish themselves from each other. If they do not, the referee will require the home team to change one or the other or both as the situations requires.

Ask, Tell, Dismiss

It's important for officials of all levels to know how to effectively deal with coaches and other team officials who behave poorly during a game. Watch the updated video, Ask, Tell, Dismiss, to learn more about U.S. Soccer's recommended approach for taking action towards team officials who fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Click Here to watch video.

Letter From the SRA

Dear Referees, Assessors, Instructors and Assignors,

As most of you are aware, for a number of years now, the "game" of soccer in Utah and around the country has and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. There are now over 50,000 youth soccer players in Utah alone and the number of paid coaches and trainers continues to grow and have a positive effect on the level of competition within the Utah Youth Soccer Association. Unfortunately, in that same time period, our referee program has remained stagnant with nearly the same number of referees registering year in and year out. To make matters worse, the numbers of our top referees are actually decreasing as those who have been faithfully serving the needs of the soccer community for years are now becoming too old to referee at the top levels. In addition to our numbers, our professionalism and level of competence has also stayed much the same and our referee program, as a whole, has not progressed at the same rate as that of the players. Not only are more and more qualified referees needed to support the ever expanding soccer programs in our state, but concentrated effort and expanded programs are necessary to increase the knowledge base, experience and professionalism of our referee community so that we can properly service and keep up with the ever increasing level of competition of the players.

In response to this dilemma, the Utah State Soccer Referee Committee (SRC) met last year in a two day retreat to address what changes need to be made to resolve this major problem. In that retreat, the SRC decided upon a three to four year Initiative that will, if executed properly, give our referee community the changes necessary to meet the demands of the youth and adult programs that we service. More information will be made available to you as we get closer to implementing the changes that the Initiative addresses. However, in short, this structure allows for greater focus on and utilization of all registered referees, better opportunity to provide referee coverage for all games, and the identification of talented referees and leadership capable of strengthening the soccer program state-wide. In addition to this Initiative, there are a number of new emphasis and programs that the SRC has already begun and will continue to develop to build our referee program across the state, including the following:

  • Hiring of a new full time Director of Operations to facilitate and manage all the new changes and programs that will develop better referees
  • Building of a brand new Conference/Training Center in Salt Lake City for increase opportunities for referees to receive much needed training and instruction
  • Implementation of a new mentoring program that will result in the mentoring of over 600 youth and adult referees each year, a renewed effort and program to facilitate the upgrading of at least 250 referees Grade 7 and 50 State Referees within the next three years
  • A new and improved website, designed with tools, resources and information to assist in the development of referees
  • Establishment and management of referee administration committees all across the state to assist in more localized training, mentoring, and identification for upgrading
And these are just some of the changes that are planned for upcoming months and years. All of these programs and efforts will result in better prepared referees with more support, more training and more services so that all our referees are armed with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to serve the ever increasing level of competition.

We, the State Referee Committee, are very excited about this new Initiative and the direction we are headed, and we hope you can also see the vision and benefits that will affect each of you. However, as you may have guessed, these changes, programs and opportunities will not be possible unless we have a way to fund them. It is with these goals in mind that the State Referee committee voted to raise registration fees and clinic fees for referees, instructors, assessors and assignors. Effective September 1, 2013 all individuals who register with US Soccer will see an increase in State Administration fees by $10 and each and every referee who attends either an Entry Level Clinic or Recertification Clinic will be required to pay a $20 clinic fee. Beginning in January 2014, all participants who attend an Entry Level or Recertification Clinic will be required to register and pay the clinic fee online. Information and directions on pre-registering for clinics will be posted on our website, www.utahsoccerrefs.com and will be sent via email in the near future.

K. Scott Harward
State Referee Administrator and Director of Operations

Refereeing Youth Soccer Games?

Remember, all referees who work youth games must be set up in the UYSA online referee program. Please contact the Utah Youth Office ( www.utahyouthsoccer.net ) between 9 AM and 4 PM to get set up with a user name and password.

The following YouTube videos will help refresh your memory on how to accept or score a game:

Accepting games as a referee

Game scoring recording

We Need Your Help!

We have over 1800 referees registered in the state with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We need your help.

  • Site content contributors; articles, videos, or other materials
Please contact an SRC member with your ideas. A successful program takes the contribution of many volunteers. Please send us your ideas!

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